Television Broadcasting

Spectrum Auction and TV Band “Re-Packing” Assistance

  • Evaluation of Channel Changes on Received Interference
  • Assessment of Service Gained and Lost
  • Market Coverage Characterization
  • RF Transmission Systems Design and Review
  • Improvement Evaluations
  • Counterproposal Development and Support
  • FCC and FAA Applications

Channel Transition Support

  • Channel Change Cost Assessment
  • Capital Budget Development
  • Bid / Grant Preparation and Review
  • Timeline Creation
  • FCC and FAA Applications
  • Construction Supervision and Support

Additional Services

  • ATSC 3.0 Assistance
  • Coverage Improvement Studies
  • Multiple Ownership Review
  • Due-Diligence and Pre-purchase Inspections
  • Interference Prediction
  • Antenna Pattern Design and Review
  • Technical Installation Supervision
  • Antenna/Transmission Line Diagnostics
  • Station Relocation Studies
  • Strategic Planning and CapEx Review
  • Technical Staff Evaluation

Central Core Analysis for Stations and Station Groups

  • Technical Design/Space Planning for New Facilities
  • Upgrade Design for Existing Facilities
  • Workflow Analysis for Existing Facilities
  • Technical Installation Supervision
  • Bid Specification and Review